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Free online wellness resources

I’ve created this page as a place for you to find empowering resources and information that you might find useful in your own journey.



  1. Dr. Sue Johnson Videos – Relationships & Attachment
  2. Why we hold hands: Dr. James Coan at TEDxCharlottesville 2013
  3. Dr. Janina Fisher Trauma & Attachment Videos
  4. Attachment & Resilience — The Power of One: Dr. Erica Liu Wollin at TEDxHongKong 2013
  5. Heart as Compass – Dusty Staub MSW & Dr. Christine Staub


  1. Everyday Heroism: Dr. Philip Zimbardo
  2. Compassionate Anti-Bully Awareness
  3. Overcoming the Impossible
  4. Goodness
  5. Trans Advocacy & Education
  6. Cyberbullying Safety Guide (LGBTQ+)
  7. Protecting Sexually Abused Children
  8. Transcending Childhood Abuse
  9. Teaching Kids Kindness: Dr. Lisa Ferrari & Dr. Carla Fry
  10. Youth Empowerment (GMO Labeling, Climate, Social Justice, etc.) – KIDS RIGHT TO KNOW: Rachel Parent


  1. SPECT Brain Imaging (Daniel G. Amen, MD)
  2. Dr. Daniel Siegel Videos
  3. Twelve Prescriptions for Creating A Brain Healthy Life – By Daniel G. Amen, MD
  4. The Brain & Neuroplasticity Videos
  5. Ways to Exercise Your Brain
  6. Overcoming Learning Disabilities (Barbara Arrowsmith-Young)


  1. Dr. Tieraona Low Dog Videos
  2. Dr. Alessio Fasano Videos – Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity & Gut-Brain Connection
  3. Dr. Jill Carnahan Videos & Resources – Functional Medicine / Integrative Holistic Health Expert
  4. Dr. Josh Axe Diet & Wellness Videos – Functional Medicine Health Expert
  5. Functional Medicine Resources Compiled by Dr. Jill Carnahan
  6. Adrenal Fatigue & Thyroid Problems
  7. Women’s Pelvic Floor Wellness: Book, Videos & Other Resources (Kim Vopni – The Fitness Doula)

  8. Fertility – Dr. Lorne Brown
  9. Preventing Sitting Disease with Shirley Plant & Kim Vopni
  10. 23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

  11. Visceral Manipulation – Dr. Gail Wetzler PT, DPT  & JP Barral, D.O., MRO (F)
  12. Deanna Won – Cancer Survivor & Holistic Health Coach
  13. Dr. Paul Epstein Videos & Resources: Integrative Mind-Body Medicine
  14. Aging with Lynda Shrager, OTR, MSW & Certified Age in Place Specialist
  15. Dr. Natasha Turner – Integrative Wellness With Hormones & Food Sensitivities in Mind
  16. Dr. Tom O’Bryan Reversing Autoimmune Disease


  1. Food Allergies Free Download Page (GratefulFoodie/Caroline Moassessi Compilation) – Information, resources, & free downloads & tips from several trusted resources about lung health, asthma, food allergies, resources for parents, & online interactive games for kids.
  2. Eating Out Tips, Resources & Downloads (GratefulFoodie/Caroline Moassessi Compilation)
  3. School Solutions, Resources & Downloads for Teachers, Parents & Kids With Allergies (GratefulFoodie/Caroline Moassessi Compilation)


  1. Dr. Alessio Fasano Videos – Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity & Gut-Brain Connection
  2. Dr. Jill Carnahan Videos & Resources – Functional Medicine / Integrative Holistic Health Expert
  3. IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis) Information & Support
  4. Food Allergies Free Download Page (GratefulFoodie/Caroline Moassessi)
  5. Dr. Fasano on Leaky Gut Syndrome & Gluten Sensitivity (interviewed by Dr. Peter Osborne)
  6. Gluten and Autoimmunity Explained in 20 Minutes (video)
  7. Candida (Ricki Heller)
  8. FARTS & Other Gut-Brain-Microbiome Matters (Dr. David Miller)
  9. Information about Gluten and Celiac Disease (Nadine Grzeskowiak – Gluten Free RN)


  1. Deanna Won (Ovarian Cancer Survivor) – Extensive Book Recommendations About Cancer & Health
  2. Haely Lindau – Fighting Cancer With Food (Nutritionist/Health Educator)
  3. Julia Schopick – Honest Medicine (Patient/Medical Health Advocate)
  4. Rick Shapiro – How 20 Late-Stage Cancer Patients Beat The Odds (Cancer Patient Advocate)
  5. Dr. Jill Carnahan (Breast Cancer Survivor & Functional Medicine / Integrative Holistic Health Expert)
  6. Dr. Paul Anderson – Outside the Box Cancer Therapies


  1. Dr. David Boyd – The Optimistic Environmentalist
  2. Andrew Lopez – Natural Garden Pest Control
  3. Alan Bell – How to Avoid Hidden Chemical Toxicity
  4. Dr. Jill Carnahan – Toxic Mold Exposure
  5. Kathryn Kellogg – Zero Waste Living
  6. Dr. Phil Gregory – Soil Health & Human Health
  7. Aube Giroux – MODIFIED: A Food Lover’s Journey Into GMOs
  8. Dr. Stephanie Seneff – How Glyphosate Destroys Your Gut