Compassion-Based Couples Counselling | Dr. Theresa Nicassio Registered
Compassion-Based Couples Counselling | Dr. Theresa Nicassio Registered Psychologist #1541


Relatiohships are hard….

This said, what most people long for most in life and fear losing the most is meaningful connection with another. This can be expressed in many ways, but the bottom line is that we all desire to be cared about and witnessed on our journey in life and would love to share the privilege of offering the same for another.

The problem is that this vision doesn’t always unfold in the ways that we had hoped and we often unknowingly sabotage that which we long for most.

Compassion-Focused Couples Counselling

When I provide therapy for couples, I witness the dance and offer a new way of relating that creates space for and is fueled by compassion and acceptance.

Learning new skills and uncovering blind spots and new ways of relating can be challenging at first. However, the joy of loving oneself and another more fully, joyfully and passionately is a reward beyond compare.

Helping couples rediscover the beauty and possibilities of sharing a wonderful life together is one of the sweetest privileges of the work that I do.