Dr. Theresa Nicassio | Public Speaker
Dr. Theresa Nicassio | Public Speaker

Need A Speaker For Your Group?

I have walked many paths, from psychology and parenting to health, fine arts and science, so there is a broad range of topics and populations I can serve. My greatest offering is helping my audiences learn how to be intentionally present and accepting of what is, choosing love and gratitude as core guiding principles for living, and encouraging openness to the possibility of transformation, even in the face of seeming despair.

I do this through the medium of compassionate storytelling, while I help audience members also:

  1. Make lemonade from the lemons of life through possibility thinking
  2. Use gratitude as a powerful tool dispel their “victim” identity
  3. Discover how to use storytelling as a method of emotional and relational transformation
  4. Shed “Shoulds” and other destructive expectations
  5. Creatively find ways to be kind & find the beauty in themselves & others, even with “difficult” people
  6. Learn simple strategies to enjoy more pleasure and passion in daily living

From health care professionals to special needs parenting and everything in between, I can customize topics for your group, focusing on kindness, compassion & empowerment.

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