FREE SUMMIT: Stop Abuse & Bullying in Sports 2018

Nassar, Weinstein & So Many Others have brought the long-overdue conversation of Abuse, Bullying & Harassment to the forefront.   This FREE online summit of leading educators, leaders, legal experts, and researchers offers the latest in prevention and coping strategies … Continued


“The only comforting thing that can accompany us while dying is the knowledge that we have lived well.” Dr. Irvin D. Yalom, Existential Psychiatrist, Stanford Professor, and Award-Winning Author   I can’t rave enough about Dr. Irvin Yalom’s recently released … Continued

BYSTANDER EFFECT TO HEROISM: Helping People Do The Right Thing

“All Evil begins with 15 volts. For Jews forced to wear a yellow star.” Dr. Phillip Zimbardo, Social Psychologist talking about Dr. Stanley Milgram’s Obedience Experiment   As many of you may know, this past week I spent at the … Continued

Maria Locker Promotes Innovative Mompreneurs on Global News

Global News: The Morning Show Mompreneur Innovations & Initiatives Maria Locker – The Face of Mompreneurs, Helps Canadian Women Step Into Their Power In The World of Business Once again, Maria Locker – the Founder & CEO of Mompreneur Showcase Group Inc. … Continued

Dr. Alessio Fasano – GLUTEN, IMMUNITY & THE GUT

Dr. Alessio Fasano – Leading Research and Treatment For Gluten-Related Disorders Monday, February 27th 2017 Noon PT The Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show – LISTEN LIVE Join me on Monday February 27th at noon PT on The Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show with Dr. Alessio Fasano on – All … Continued

Teaching With Mindfulness & Non-Violent Communication in Mind on the Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show

  Luciana Holmes – Teacher Using Mindfulness in the Classroom Monday, December 12th 2016 Noon PT (LISTEN NOW) The Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show Join me on Monday December 12th at noon PT on The Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show with Luciana Holmes from Eaton Arrowsmith School on – … Continued

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