BIO-INDIVIDUALITY: Transcending Incorrect Assumptions About Health

What Diet Is Right For YOU?… BIOINDIVIDUALITY & False Assumptions

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Many people who haven’t yet read my book YUM assume that I am “vegan” because all of the recipes are entirely plant-based, as well as free of gluten, sugar, and potatoes (as well as many of the other foods that can commonly trigger allergic or other inflammatory reactions in some people) and that I believe that everyone SHOULD eat a certain way. They’re surprised to learn that neither of these assumptions is the case!

It actually wasn’t until recently that it dawned on me that I may be the first author of a vegan cookbook that doesn’t tell readers that they should only eat plant-based food. While my journey and rationale for this seemingly incongruent message are clearly explained in my book in great detail which demonstrates the actual congruity of my message, this doesn’t prevent the inevitable reality that wrong assumptions are made. As transparent as I am, ironically, not only is my book “judged by its cover,” but I myself am similarly finding myself inaccurately judged by the same cover.

Assumptions often lead us to make judgements about each other and the world that simply are not true.


My dream is to help change the paradigm of how we think about our relationship with our bodies & the food that we eat and share with others, even when FOOD SENSITIVITIES, ALLERGIES & other health conditions or ethical concerns are relevant.


We are all different. Not only are we different in terms of our physical make-up and physiological needs, but also in terms of our psychological, cultural, and philosophical perspectives about life.

Marc David, Founder: Institute for the Psychology of Eating said it beautifully in a LinkedIn post he made today:

“Most people think Nutrition is a “science” – that there’s some universal agreement of what the facts are. Turns out that Nutrition is more like the wild west. Many different “experts” are busy contradicting one another, and all use their own version of scientific proof. Allow me to introduce you to the best nutrition expert when it comes to your body – You.”

… Marc, I couldn’t agree more!


There are reasons why we make the choices we do. I refuse to be the judge or the jury. My calling is help those I serve awaken and become aware of how important each and every one of us is and the power of our actions (and inactions) that we choose to take. In every capacity where I serve, whether as a psychologist serving clients in my consulting room, as an inspirational speaker, writing wellness columns in magazines, or hosting an uplifting and educational health and wellness radio show, my calling is to suggest insights about possibilities, offer guidance about HOW to follow the path of living that is most congruent with each individual’s unique conscience, and offer a platform for others to do the same.

The more we can focus on honouring the truth of who we are and do our best to be kind and respectful of each other and the planet while doing so, the more likely we will be able to all achieve a greater level of health, wellness, and joyful living.


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Ask Dr. Theresa questions about health, psychology, life, food, parenting, wellness and whatever else you need advice on.

The Because You Asked radio show segment was inspired by the plethora of questions friends and followers have been asking me since the YUM Project began. I can’t begin to tell you how moved I have been by the droves of email inquiries, social media messages, phone calls and in-person questions YUM and my speaking engagements have prompted!  With such a demand, it will be terrific to be able to offer my reflections and information to an even broader audience.

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