#BecauseYouAsked: Despair to Deliciousness


#BecauseYouAsked: Despair to Deliciousness


Dear Theresa,

How can you be happy when you feel like the world is falling apart?

Thank you so much for your support. Any thoughts you may have mean a lot to me.

Abby in Abbotsford

Dear Abby,

First of all, Abby, I want to thank you for asking this very important question that I have been asked countless times as a psychologist. Sometimes the weight of our lives can feel like more than we are able to handle or have any control over. Whether the source of the heaviness is associated with our relationships, the environment, losses, transitions, current events, tragedies, or even health challenges, the sense of overwhelming feelings of fear and despair can sometimes leave us feeling incapable of facing the day. During my own journey, I’ve also had times like these.

While in the throes of feelings of despair, something else happens that most people do not know about—the blood flow patterns in the brain act… READ ARTICLE



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